Phat Dat Group – Commitment - Sustainable



Phat Dat Group – Commitment - Sustainable

Phat Dat Group’s 14th anniversary was held in Singapore with many exciting and meaningful activities. Singapore is an interesting destination for Phat Dat Group in this teambuilding, the second overseas holiday after the trip to Thailand in 2017, the eagerness is still on the faces of each people. The excitement will surely remain in everyone’s heart during the tour. Merlion Park, Esplanade Theater, Marina Bay Sands are the first visit places Phat Dat Group, after that, everyone is eating together, enjoying the Music Festival Speter “New light and water show”, and prepare for the next exciting activities in the coming days.

The second day of Team Building’s activities is discussion section. Phat Dat Group’s Strategy Committee Chairman, Mr. Nguyen Van Dat, presented the directions and objectives of Phat Dat Group in the future: ” In 2018-2020, Phat Dat Group focuses on develop human resources, which help the management team, staff can integrate into the culture and working environment of Phat Dat Group. I expect the management team, staff can understand the ideology of Phat Dat Group, committed to work with Phat Dat Group to develop a new vision and thereby improve their working skills. Phat Dat Group is committed to share with their employees, partners, investors and the community the achievements that have been made in the process of becoming a sustainable multidisciplinary corporation. ”

Accordingly, Phat Dat Group will focus on improving the corporate governance system, developing  human resources and employee skills. Meet the standard of each member and management level, create a friendly working environment but no less professional and effective.

In addition, Mr. Nguyen Tan Danh – Member of Strategic Committee of Phat Dat Group also noted the contributions and determination of all members of Phat Dat Group. Phat Dat Group has become one of the best working environment in Vietnam and committed to fulfilling the mission of Phat Dat Group to become the leading multinational investment company in 2030 with a market value of $3 billion. Youth – Commitment – Integration – Development – Sharing – Sustainability will be key factors that organizations and individuals determined to pursue in the development of Phat Dat Group.

This year, the seminar has changed the presentation way, the manager, staff will be divided into three teams to discuss the philosophy of business – Vision – Mission – Core values. From that, each member can understand the ideology that the corporation will focus in the future

In addition to the new seminar activity, Team Building 2018 also has a lot of meaningful activities for the purpose of enhancing the team spirit, solidarity between the member companies.

Each game has different meaning but all focus on Youth – Commitment – Integration – Development – Sharing – Sustainability philosophy.

Visit the famous location of Singapore is not missing in this tour. Sentosa Island and Natural Park are the destination  of Phat Dat Group on the 3rd day in Singapore.

Gala Dinner activity  was held in 08 September night to celebrate 14 years anniversary with attend of leader and staff. Each performance is a gift from staff to the Board of Directors. Gala Dinner bring the message of the Board of Directors, push all of the staff to over the image “Commitment – Prestige – Sustainability”.

The gala night has many excited activities and the perfomance of Phat Dat Group member

The moment of birthday cake was put on the stage and all member of Phat Dat Group together sang the song Happy birthday, clap and cheer is an emotion image.

This Team Building program creates  smile and energy for the upcoming projects of all Phat Dat Group members with philosophy “Phat Dat Group – Commitment – Sustainable”.