Training and Self-Development Programs



Training and Self-Development Programs

Eagerness to learn and embrace changes

Personnel is the foundation for the success and growth of the Company. Hence, along with high expectations of employees’ capability, enthusiasm, commitment, and loyalty, we encourage and nurture desirable characteristics such as creative thinking, eagerness to learn, and constant self-improvement, all of which contribute to the Company’s sustainable development.

Best Place to grow

  • With the guideline of “Developing projects in parallel with developing human resources,” we have developed engaging training programs and management curriculums.
  • In detail, we have been working with prestigious experts in organizing training sections related to enhancing expertise and management ability. Moreover, the Company has organized plenty of internal training sessions to refine and equip employees with task handling skills.
  • In addition, we also focus on on-job training, in which experienced staff help newcomers, following the guideline of inheriting and enhancing PDR’s strengths.