PDR holds Dialogue Session with Analysts and Investors



PDR holds Dialogue Session with Analysts and Investors

Time:               15:30 – 16:30

Date:               18th February 2022

Format:            Virtual conference on MS Teams



  • PDR presented breakthrough milestones and remarkable changes in 5 areas: finance, land bank, project implementation capacity, internal strengths, and reputation in the market.
  • Updates on project implementation progress for 2022 – 2023
  • Q&A

Key information during the session:

1. In the period of 2022-2024, Phat Dat plans to develop hospitality real estate projects in Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province (BR-VT). What is your assessment of the potentials of this product type?

BR-VT Province is highly divided into various tourist destinations. While central Vung Tau is a traditional tourist hub, places like Phuoc Hai and Con Dao are suitable for developing more exclusive and high-class projects.

Phat Dat has been planning Poulo Condor in Con Dao, an exciting and unique project in the province. Per Phat Dat’s experience and market research, the demand for sightseeing and relaxation in Con Dao is enormous. Local resorts and high-end hotels are always sold out. Currently, thanks to Con Dao airport being upgraded, this demand remains high in the coming time. Thus, Phat Dat’s Poulo Condor will be a highlight.

For hospitality projects, Phat Dat will coordinate with world-class management enterprises on properties’ operations. As such, the collaboration serves as a basis to attract tourists and ensure sales.

With its competence in working closely on legal and market research, Phat Dat expects significant profits from projects in this area, bringing benefits to both Customers and Investors.

2. In the year 2021 – 2022, the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City is very active in the high-end real estate segment, especially in the Thu Thiem area. Does Phat Dat have any plans to return to HCMC with this product type?

Phat Dat believes that the high-end segment still has a lot of potentials, yet, along with it is the increasing requirements from investors and customers. Some crucial criteria for a successful high-end project include prime locations, perfect services, and legal certainty. Phat Dat is working on this segment with the debut project in the diamond land No. 223 – 225 Tran Phu, Hai Chau, Da Nang.

In HCMC, Phat Dat also owns potential landholdings as payment from BT projects. Sizes are relatively small, but the business value is high. It is yet in the plan to share these projects in this meeting.

Phat Dat will publish these projects in HCMC when their market and legal conditions are satisfied.

3. In the next few years, apartment supply in Binh Duong will be abundant, with over 40,000 units expected from many different developers. Is Phat Dat confident that sales will go as planned?

Phat Dat currently has two projects in Binh Duong province: Astral City and Binh Duong NTMK. Phat Dat cooperates with Danh Khoi on wholesaling products in Astral City and with a strategic partner from Japan on co-development of Binh Duong NTMK. Therefore, Phat Dat is entirely confident about completing sales targets.

4. The wholesale distribution model has not been widespread among property developers. Please
elaborate on this application.

Phat Dat’s strengths include the ability to develop high-quality projects with speed and legal certainty. Therefore, many reputable partners wish to cooperate and distribute Phat Dat’s products. Hence, applying the wholesale model not only helps us optimize operational efficiency and accelerate capital circulation but also enables Phat Dat’s sustainable development and increasing landholdings.

It should be noted that Phat Dat wholesales products, not projects. When deciding how to distribute its products, Phat Dat thoroughly considers the effectiveness and actual market situations. In the future, if self-distribution brings more advantages than the current model, Phat Dat will also apply retailing.

5. What is the progress of Phat Dat’s industrial park (IP) projects?

In order to maintain sustainable growth, IP real estate and Logistics are the indispensable spearheads of Phat Dat. The Enterprise places high expectations on the success of the IP segment thanks to:

Phat Dat’s extensive experience and good connections in some provinces to build up a favorable land bank for industrial parks in line with long-term development strategies of these localities, benefiting the Enterprise in many aspects.

Abundant financial and professional resources, and the IP Management team gathers well-known experts in the market.

Promising partnership with international organizations, specifically from Japan, with experience developing modern They are competent in providing expertise advice, financial support, and customer database.

Currently, Phat Dat has been developing industrial lands in Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Binh Duong, Quang Ngai, and Dong Thap. Details are in the presentation documents.

6. Please provide some updates on projects in Phu Quoc?

For Doan Anh Duong Ecotourism Area, the land will be allocated to the Company by the local authority in June this year.

For Ham Ninh Industrial Cluster, 1/500-scale planning was approved, and the land handover/ compensation procedure is under process.

Finally, the Enterprise is adjusting the planning for the Residential, Handicraft Area and Center of Ham Ninh Commune.

7. In January, Phat Dat collected Shareholders’ written opinions on foreign convertible loans. Please provide more details?

This information will be updated to Shareholders and Analysts at the right time

8. Please update the progress of The EverRich 2 and The EverRich 3?

In fact, E2 & E3 have been transferred to strategic partners since 2018.

Phat Dat no longer has any financial obligations to these projects. It is expected that in 2022, the partners will complete necessary procedures so that Phat Dat can complete the transfer.