Phat Dat Celebrates International Women's Day, March 8, at Phat Dat Office Building



Phat Dat Celebrates International Women's Day, March 8, at Phat Dat Office Building

Amid the shared joy enveloping the feminist world, the morning of March 8, 2024, saw a lively celebration to honor our remarkable women. This lively event echoed with sincere care from the Corporation’s leadership, the grassroots Trade Union’s Executive Committee, and the male members within the company.

On this occasion, female members at Phat Dat enjoyed March 8th with a range of emotions: the warm welcome right at the lobby, the bustling laugh from entertaining quizzes, and the lovely gifts in their hands.

The joy when receiving these beautiful gifts sent by the male colleagues of the company.


The graceful ladies of Phat Dat in Ao Dai.

Even more, there are surprising gifts handed personally to the women on each floor.

This practical gifts made our ladies brim with joy.


Taking photos together.

In the afternoon, a sharing session titled “Healthy & Balanced Lifestyle” was organized as a delightful gift not only for the female staff but also for all employees of Phat Dat. The sharing session unfolded in an intimate atmosphere with valuable insights about healthy lifestyles for all participants.

The “Wheel of Life” section provided insights on how to balance and control life better.


The attentive atmosphere of the sharing session filled with interesting and practical content.

Through video clips, images, knowledge, and personal experiences, Ms. Hong Tham provided valuable information about the “Wheel of Life” during the sharing session. Thus, each participant could make their own wheel of life to establish a comprehensive, balanced, and well-controlled life.

The “Wheel of Life” through the self-reflection of each participant.

Undoubtedly, everyone has gleaned perspectives on achieving a harmonious work-life balance and fostering positive energy through this session.