Phat Dat Group – Commitment to Sustainable growth



Phat Dat Group – Commitment to Sustainable growth

On the occasion of 14th year of anniversary in 2018, Phat Dat Group’s annual Team Building Program was held in Singapore and pinned with a series of meaningful and interesting activities. Singapore is set as an ideal destination for Phat Dat Group for this team building vacation. Following the 2017 Thailand trip and second time arranged abroad, the joy and enthusiasm still lingers in the hearts of each member during the visit in Singapore. Merlion Park, Esplanade Theater, Marina Bay Sands were the first attractions to visit by Phat Dat Group. Followed by dinner were enjoyed by all members within the big family. The “Light and Water show” made the last grand impression for the day, preparing for the next interesting activities the day after.

The Conference was held on the second day of Team Building. During the course of the Conference, Phat Dat Group’s operation performance and objectives for the coming phase were presented by the Chairman of Phat Dat Group Strategic Committee, Mr. Nguyen Van Dat. “2018 – 2020 is the period that Phat Dat Group will focus on HR development, especially the middle manager level which is an essential  link to build corporate culture and working environment. Hopefully, our managers/employees thoroughly understand our ideology and commit to accompany with Phat Dat Group to further develop new visions and the personal capabilities. Phat Dat Group is committed to sharing with our members, partners, investors and community the achievements obtained from establishment of sustainable multidisciplinary business group.”

Accordingly, the business administration system and HR development will be enhanced, especially HR quality. It is assumed to optimize the capabilities of each member and manager, creating a dynamic, friendly but professional and effective working environment.

In addition, Mr. Nguyen Tan Danh, Member of the Strategic Committee also recorded the great contribution and determination of all Phat Dat Group members. In order to develop Phat Dat Group as one of the best working environments in Vietnam and commit to successfully fulfill the mission, becoming the local leading multidisciplinary investment group by 2030 with capitalization value up to US$ 3 billion, Youth – Commitment – Integration – Development – Sharing – Sustainability were key factors to be persistently pursued by the organization and individual during Phat Dat Group development.

This year witnessed the Talk Show’s distinct renovation in presentation. The managers/employees were divided into three groups to discuss about the Group’s Business Philosophy – Vision – Mission – Core Values, enhancing, the Group’s vision to be thoroughly understood by each member.

In addition to a series of new activities, the 2018 Team Building was held with many team building activities to improve the team spirit, unity and engagement among members.

Although each game had different meaning, they all emphasized the essences of the topics Youth – Commitment – Integration – Development – Sharing – Sustainability. Images of joining members illustrated enthusiasm at each game, offering great significance and motivation for the Group’s future development orientations.

Visiting the famous Singapore-specific sites was a highlight during trip. Sentosa Island and Nature Garden were Phat Dat Group’s 3rd day journey destinations in Singapore. Great memories are deeply imprinted in participants’ hearts. The photos clearly depict the joy and engagement and the PDG uniforms were worn with great trust and pride.

The Gala Dinner was successfully held on the night of 8th September to celebrate the 14th year of anniversary and participated by the leaders and all members. Each performance delivered by the members was a strong message to the Management, of absolute commitment to realize the Group’s overall vision. And each performance was touching, leaving the audience, especially the Management, with a lasting impression. The Gala Dinner successfully conveyed the core message escalating the mood resulting in members shouting the values “Commitment – Trust – Sustainability”.

Impressively, the gala night was held with a series of magical and impressive entertainment performance whereas the “artists” were Phat Dat Group members.

The 14-numbered cream cake presented on the stage in clapping and cheering voices of all members and candle lighting in the room was an unforgettable and moving image. The moment that the birthday cake was put onto the stage and the Birthday Song was delivered by Phat Dat Group members, the atmosphere in the room became spectacular.

This Team Building Program was a truly happy event and the energy was sentational and for that, we believe in our committment to “Phat Dat Group – Commitment to sustainable growth”.