The EverRich Infinity was honored with the "Living Space Standards" held by the Investment Review



The EverRich Infinity was honored with the "Living Space Standards" held by the Investment Review

Thus, after the resounding success of Best High End Condo Development at the Vietnam Property Awards 2017 – contributed to bring Dat Dat directly Top 10 real estate developers in Vietnam In the prestigious BCI Asia Awards again, The EverRich Infinity continues to honor Phat Dat’s real estate brand just before the AGM on March 30.

Mr. Mai Phuoc An Tam – Communication Representative of Phat Dat Real Estate Development Joint Stock Company receives the medal for The EverRich Infinity Project

The “living space standard” at The EverRich Infinity

The voting program sets strict criteria for Design Language; Utility system; Environmental friendliness; Relationship with residents, customers; Legal norms; Transparent communication. The readers, who are also residents, experience in the project environment is directly involved in voting.

The EverRich Infinity event was honored to affirm the project really class, attractive people with housing needs and public investment. At the same time, this also proves that Phat Dat is a reputable project developer, a pillar of a sustainable development market and creates a modern, civilized living space for the residents, improving living value for the community.

Located in the heart of District 5 – where the intersection of many busy streets but The EverRich Infinity has really marked the identity of a place to go peacefully. In addition to focusing on green density, The EverRich Infinity also offers a classy lifestyle for homeowners with state-of-the-art amenities and state-of-the-art amenities.
The EverRich Infinity is a “child” that is carefully taken care of by the owner from each brick and stone. , so that residents have the best experience in living space.

“The EverRich Infinity” – Realization of Prosperous Dream

From the name of the project, the investor has sent his heartfelt wishes to the future residents in the beautiful living space such as fairy tales, with a comfortable life comprehensive, achieve successive succession to reach prosperity firmly. durable … It is the dream of flawless architecture, the experience of life level and true value in the soul.

The EverRich Infinity – Experience another living space in the heart of the city

It is not only from this project that Phat Dat has built a reputation in the real estate market. The EverRich is a brand name is not strange, if not too familiar with the real estate with reputation as an investor associated with high-end projects, quality and prestige.

In Ho Chi Minh City, The EverRich is known for its prolific series of projects: The EverRich 1, The EverRich 3, The EverRich Infinity … have their own brand identity and dedication and dedication of the project owner.

“We dreamed of a life of prosperity forever. That is why the brand The EverRich was born to give the owner a feeling of being cherished at every moment of life, invigorating them on the way to work. The following EverRich projects will be launched as The EverRich Infinity or more advanced because that is the goal that Phat Dat is always aiming for. ” – Sharing of Mr. Mai Phuoc An Tam, media representative of Phat Dat Real Estate Development Joint Stock Company at the Honor of “Living Standard Living Space” is the best conclusion for the dream “The EverRich Infinity” in reality.